Callum Wilson: ‘When I was injured my son wore everyone’s shirt but mine’

The Bournemouth striker has experienced anger and sadness in battling to overcome serious injuries to both his knees in the space of 16 months

“I just felt angry,” Callum Wilson says as he remembers the moment when Bournemouth’s physio delivered the bad news in a hospital waiting room 11 months ago. Wilson had been hoping for the best without much conviction after feeling a familiar twinge in his left knee during a mundane training session but an MRI scan had confirmed the striker’s worst fears.

At first he wondered whether it was a wind-up. Deep down, however, he knew what to expect. “I heard a little pop and I was just like: ‘Yeah,’” Wilson says. “I got it iced. After that it was throbbing. Straight away I was saying I’d done my ACL.”

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