Buy a classic sport photograph: Cruyff’s special jersey

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Now here’s a photograph that’s both nostalgic and rich in football trivia. It features Johan Cruyff – probably the most feted No 14 in footballing history – before the Netherlands’ first-round group match against Sweden in Dortmund at the 1974 World Cup. Bizarre though it may sound, Cruyff should in fact have worn the No 1 jersey at that tournament, the Dutch national football association having dished out squad numbers to its players in alphabetical order. However, Cruyff, the captain and maestro, was instead granted his lucky number. Eagle-eyed observers might also notice that Cruyff’s Adidas top and shorts featured only two stripes rather than the brand’s trademark three. The 27-year-old, seeking to avoid conflict with his own sponsor, Puma, demanded a bespoke kit and the Dutch FA again bowed to his wishes. Cruyff’s talent was worth every concession. In the match pictured, he executed one of the most delicious pirouettes seen on a football pitch – the eponymous turn by which he will always be remembered – and ultimately dragged his side to their first, albeit losing, World Cup final.

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