Bury’s expulsion from EFL shows football’s regulations are meaningless | Barney Ronay

Demise is another warning that huge social value of clubs cannot beat the cold, hard edges of a free market

A good day to bury Bury. The swell of public sympathy at Bury FC’s expulsion from the English Football League was tangible on Wednesday morning. And yet, as ever with Big Football, the wheels will continue to grind on.

Thursday will bring the Champions League draw, with further details of how Europe’s club elite plan to divvy up the season’s £2bn revenue. Friday promises more news on a potential mega?move for the house of Neymar, with the proposed £135m transfer to Barcelona playing itself out up to deadline day. Beyond that, the Premier League fixture list will continue to fill the skies through the weekend, drowning out every other detail with its light and noise.

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