Bullish Julian Nagelsmann may yet go out with a bang at Hoffenheim | Andy Brassell

Coach will leave his present club in rude health and showed against Hertha why he could take Leipzig to another level

“The teams surrounding us are consistently playing good football. We’re trying our best to climb the table and if they bend, then we’ll attack.” Since coming into the Bundesliga Julian Nagelsmann has never been backward in coming forward, and there’s no sign he’s planning to start now. His days at Hoffenheim are numbered and despite his side’s defeat at Eintracht Frankfurt six weeks ago standing alone as their sole loss in the last 11, they still have their hands full in order to get themselves back into European competition.

Yet with time ticking towards the date of his long-since agreed departure to RB Leipzig, there’s no suggestion that Nagelsmann’s eye is wandering just yet. His Hoffenheim have been the dictionary definition of implicated this season, reflecting his burning desire to go out with a bang, reinventing themselves while playing with the same level of enterprise they’ve always displayed under his stewardship. They’ve not been faultless, certainly, and there has always been the sense that they might do better stymying the ambitions of others this season than fulfilling their own.

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