Bryson DeChambeau’s scientific method draws stars’ interest before Open debut | Mark Tallentire

The 23-year-old Californian with a major in physics enters his first major in golf flattered by the attention paid to his forensic approach to club measurements

Bryson DeChambeau got down to putting practice on the green beside the art deco clubhouse on Tuesday evening with a spirit level, a metre-long steel ruler, a marker pen and a longish putter that has a grip the size of a small-pickaxe handle.

DeChambeau, the man with a major in physics and a Ben Hogan-style cap, has earned a name for himself by daring to be different as he brings a scientific approach to what is essentially a touch game. The shafts on all his irons measure 37.5in, about the length of a standard seven iron, and all the club-heads weigh 278 grammes, which he feels can produce a more consistent swing and improve ball contact.

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