Bryony Shaw tries to be pragmatic about litter and bugs in Rio’s water

Britain’s windsurfer thought her chance had gone after London 2012 but is one of the favourites for Olympic gold

The storm caught everyone by surprise, a sudden rush of wind bringing in great black clouds bearing torrential rain. The fleet was already at sea, 60 or so windsurfers racing around Pevensey Bay. Many were teenagers, the rest veterans, aged 40 and over. Officials ran up the warning flags and sent out rescue boats to bring the sailors in. The squall had scattered them to all corner so they came back in dribs and drabs, some by boat, some by board. All but one, a 15-year-old girl called Bryony Shaw.

Her mother, Hazel, was on the beach, pacing up and down in the rain. “Where is she?” Hazel asked herself. Thirty minutes passed. “Is she stuck?” Forty-five minutes. “Should I get in my car and go look for her?” An hour.

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