British Horseracing Authority defends regular use of barrister who is trainer

• Graeme McPherson QC has the benefit of knowing racing’s abstrusities
• Jamie Snowden claimed he has lost faith in BHA’s ability to apply justice

Racing’s ruling body has defended its regular hiring of the barrister Graeme McPherson QC, who is also a licensed racehorse trainer. McPherson is often used to present the British Horseracing Authority’s case at its disciplinary panel hearings, a fact that added to the ire of his rival trainer Jamie Snowden last week when a panel disqualified a winner Snowden had trained in favour of McPherson’s runner-up.

Snowden took to social media after the outcome and pointed out the regular working relationship between McPherson and the BHA, suggesting that it raised a perception of bias. The BHA has suffered months of bad publicity over such perceptions recently and disciplinary panel verdicts dating back two years are now being re-examined in light of the news that Matthew Lohn, a solicitor who chaired panels, was also being paid separately by the BHA for legal advice.

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