Brian Aubusson proved there are more important things in life than kicking a footy | Bret Harris

‘Aubo’, who died last week, might not have fulfilled his potential as a footballer but he made it in another, more important, way

A wonderfully talented footballer passed away recently, but not someone you are likely to have heard of. Brian Aubusson did not reach the heights of his NRL star sons, Mitch and James, but for those of us who remember him as a schoolboy at St Leo’s on Sydney’s upper north shore he was equally as gifted.

His nickname at Leo’s was “Aubo”. We were an imaginative lot. I was in awe of Aubo. He could do it all. Run, pass, kick, tackle, everything. He was like a combination of those two great 1970s rugby league full-backs Graham Eadie and Russell Fairfax – power and flair.

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