Brave Rhian Brewster gave Uefa a kick up the backside

One way or another, the 17-year-old’s stand did prompt Uefa to investigate properly the claims that Spartak Moscow’s Leonid Mironov racially abused the Liverpool youth player

It seemed to get lost, amid the news from Uefa that one of the players accused of racially abusing Rhian Brewster would not face any disciplinary sanctions, that we might have seen the first evidence over the last few days that it is possible for a boy of 17 to persuade the people at the top of football that something has to change. That might not be immediately obvious, unfortunately, after the announcement that no action would be taken against Spartak Moscow’s Leonid Mironov and, to be clear, Uefa’s track record in these matters is so appalling there is a long way to go before anyone can say with confidence this organisation should no longer be viewed through suspicious eyes.

Equally, I cannot help think that Kick It Out – an organisation I would always want to support – slightly missed the point when it described itself as “deeply disappointed” about the latest verdict rather than focusing on the fact Uefa does seem to have been pressured, embarrassed even, into beefing up its procedures since Brewster decided to take a stand.

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