Bojan Krkic: ‘Imagine if Stoke play in the Champions League. It can happen’

The forward who helped to bamboozle Manchester City last weekend explains how his time at Barcelona set him up for life, why he said yes to Mark Hughes and that the sky’s the limit for Stoke

Despite the determination not to resort to that overused cliche about wet and windy nights in Stoke, it didn’t help that Bojan Krkic introduced himself and immediately popped a couple of paracetamol out of a packet to knock back with a slug of water. This slender Catalan attacker whose lively mind and light feet have won the hearts of fans at the Britannia Stadium has a nasty cold. He laughs as he confesses he thinks he picked it up during that sparkling victory over Manchester City last week which was played in the kind of miserable blustery weather that whips in through the open corners of a ground that is the stereotype nightmare for fancy dans.

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