Big Projections for California Legalized Online Poker

Big Projections for California Legalized Online PokerNew study shows that if California legalizes online poker, it could earn up to $263 million in its first year!

A recent study conducted by Academicon and PokerScout claims that should California legalize online gambling, it can earn between $217-$263 million in revenue in the first year alone, and up to $384 million in the tenth year.

Online Poker in California a Reality? 

The study analyzed data from 4.6 real-money online poker players in 2009 and 2010, one of the highest points of US unregulated online poker. The study also showed that California players account for a whopping 16% of US poker revenue and 4% of worldwide revenue.

One of the authors of the study, Professor Kahlil Philander, stated that if California regulates poker, it can reach a target audience way above what unregulated poker reached in 2009-2010. But fellow author Dr. Ingo Fiedler cautioned that revenues might not be as high as projected; the exact amount will depend on the way online poker is regulated.  Dr. Fiedler commented, “The size of the market depends strongly on the decision to either limit the player pool to in-state residents or participate in a federal or international network of players.”

For example, if California restricts operations to state-only players, revenue would be $217 as opposed to $263 million in the first year and $263 as opposed to $384 million in the tenth year.

Still Uncertain

As of now, California state legislators have had a number of preliminary talks, and Richard Schuetz, head of California’s Gambling Control Commission, has expressed optimism about the eventual regulation of online gambling. But as of yet, no proposal has been passed.

In fact, it might take longer than some people wish, as a state election is likely to be called at some point in 2014, making it unlikely for any major gambling reforms to take place.


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