Big club power grab in danger of going unnoticed in football’s infinite scroll | Jonathan Liew

Fatigue from a seemingly never-ending fixture list means outrage at the actions of self-interested clubs appears to be in short supply

There is a concept in web design called infinite scroll, which you will be familiar with if you’ve ever used Twitter, Facebook or any other popular social media site. Essentially, it’s a piece of code that automatically adds new pages whenever you reach the bottom of the old one, allowing you to keep scrolling forever.

Football’s infinite scroll has been longer in the gestation, but its effects are largely similar. Last week it was announced that every Premier League fixture would be broadcast live until fans can return to stadiums: a move that will create a largely unbroken chain of televised football stretching from restart last June until at least May. On one level, this is a feast of football the likes of which we have never experienced in our lives. But to what end?

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