Belated bravado shows José Mourinho is feeling the sting of his own methods | Barney Ronay

In confronting Manchester City’s staff after Sunday’s defeat, the United manager showed an aggression that was missing from his side’s display on the field

At first glance the most startling aspect of the Manchester derby tunnel fracas is the fact it seems to have been kicked off by José Mourinho knocking on the dressing room door and going toe-to-toe with Manchester City’s players. Hearing this, you wondered: why now? The fronting-up, the ballsiness, the stick-it–to-them bravado. Where was all this an hour and a half ago when the score was 0-0 and there was still a match to be won?

At which point, with the day still wide open and the spoils there to be claimed, Mourinho’s men didn’t go banging on anyone’s door. Instead the players of Manchester United coiled back in their own half like a red-shirted draught excluder, abasing themselves in this grand old stadium before the perceived – and conceded – superiority of their opponents

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