Barry Hearn: ‘The mental health of a nation is strengthened by sport’

The promoter says the balance sheet feels irrelevant amid a pandemic but hopes snooker will lead live sport’s return

“It’s a strange thing about this covid epidemic,” Barry Hearn says, in a contemplative mood. “I find it really stimulating in a bizarre way. We’re against the odds, everything’s in bits, everyone’s nervous. It’s a dreadful thing for so many people. And yet life must go on. And sport in particular.”

Perhaps it will not remotely surprise you that even in our darkest hour, Hearn has somehow managed to locate the silver lining. Salesmanship always did come naturally to the veteran promoter, albeit one currently devoid of any events to promote. It is why he enthuses about the return of live sport with the zeal of an evangelist, one who also just so happens to have shares in the church.

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