Barcelona v Chelsea: Champions League – live!

Here come the teams! The Barcelona anthem is being belted out and the flags are fluttering. There’s just enough time for us to remember the time that John Terry booted Alexis Sanchez up the backside, Ramires scored a delightful chip, Fernando Torres made Gary Neville squeal and, most incredibly of all, Jose Bosingwa delivered an immaculate defensive performance as Roberto Di Matteo’s 10-man Chelsea sent Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona vintage tumbling out of the Champions League six years ago. What a night that was! Can Antonio Conte’s men emulate those heroics here? It won’t be easy. Barcelona still have Lionel Messi. They have Luis Suarez. But Chelsea have form for getting it done. We’ll soon find out if they’re capable of defying the odds again!

Pre-match emails

“Good to see that Iniesta is playing,” Charles Antaki says. “I know the MBM has sent him barrels of love before, but as time moves on, we’re going to have less opportunity to love him again, so once more with feeling: a supremely but discreetly skilful manipulator of the ball; a ghost in tight spaces; a penetrative, progressive last-pass killer; … and also, as far as one can tell, a decent human being held in universal affection. Let’s enjoy him while we can, until he retires to tend his vineyard.”

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