Bangladesh v England: first Test, day one – live!

8th over: England 17-0 (Cook 4, Duckett 13) Duckett’s definitely done this the right way around. Having faced the off spinner as he was getting used to the rock hard seam, he watches on from the other end as Mehedi Hasan gets to grips with the fresh nut. A couple turn big past Cook – one bouncing, too, taken well by Mushfiqur Rahim.

7th over: England 17-0 (Cook 4, Duckett 13) Shafiul decides to come around the wicket to Duckett to cut down on the width being offered. As good as the first delivery is from the new angle, Duckett defends away through gully for another couple. The next shot for runs is played with a lot more conviction: Duckett forward and driving nicely through extra cover for four, beating the cover fielder with ease.

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