Back from the dead: could Tiger really win a fifth Masters Green Jacket?

In 2017 he had spinal fusion surgery to restore the most basic mobility. Now Woods is a genuine contender at Augusta

For far too long, excitement about what people wanted Tiger Woods to achieve overshadowed all evidence of what he actually could. Within hours of last autumn breaking, as thousands of fans invaded an Atlanta fairway, hope met reality. At East Lake, in one of the most evocative scenes of his incredible career, Woods was the victor once more, in the Tour Championship.

Even Woods, never one to particularly revel in success, took time to relive the moment after the following week’s Ryder Cup, during which he looked the epitome of exhaustion. Golf, a sport driven in respect of commerce and profile for years by Woods’s very presence, hit fast forward to the coming week; he would return to Augusta National as a genuine Masters candidate.

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