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Hannah Dines on going public with her labia surgery: ‘It started a big conversation’

The Paralympic cyclist wrote about the damage the sport had caused her. The article caused an outcry, others with similar experiences contacted her – and manufacturers finally began designing saddles for womenThe day after I wrote in the Guardian about…


‘I had a huge swelling’: why my life as a female cyclist led to vulva surgery

There needs to be serious, urgent research into better saddles for female cyclists, says Hannah Dines, who has endured years of pain and swelling caused by friction as she ridesThe plastic surgeon, in that particularly endearing way of surgeons, was tr…


The Para-athletics rules work against me, but I’m in favour of them. Here’s why | Hannah Dines

The classification system for Paralympic athletes is always being refined, and is as scientific as it can be. It’s not fair to cast aspersions on individualsAll Hallows Eve is a fitting day to find skeletons in the Paralympic classification cupboard. T…