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If athletes like Nick Bosa support Trump they should at least be honest

During my days as an NBA player, I found that teammates appreciated my views even when they disagreed with meIn a democracy, everyone has the right to support whomever they want. They also have the right to speak out on whatever cause they choose, no m…


I’m glad Tiger won the Masters, but he’s no hero to the Black community | Etan Thomas

Tiger’s rejection of our community, like OJ Simpson before him, comes with a price. Black people can and do revel in the meaning of his extraordinary triumph, but we’re not cheering himMichael Jordan called it the greatest comeback he has ever seen. Af…


Tom Izzo’s abuse of Aaron Henry was the act of a bully and a coward

The Hall of Fame coach has Michigan State back in the Final Four, but an unhinged outburst directed at his own player was a cowardly act with familiar echoesThe year was 1999 and I was at the USA Basketball men’s national team trials in Colorado Spring…


Why black America is finally getting behind Duke basketball

The Blue Devils embodied everything black America hated during my playing career, but I came to learn that perception isn’t always reality. It feels like the culture is catching upGrowing up I loved the Fab Five. The freshman class of Chris Webber, Juw…


When it comes to racially abusive fans, the NBA has a Utah problem

I weathered abuse in every arena during my NBA career. But as Russell Westbrook has learned, Utah is a different levelIf you’re even a casual observer of the NBA, you’ve definitely heard about the flare-up between Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Wes…