Australia v West Indies: Cricket World Cup 2019 – live!

Beautiful delivery! Thomas has Finch pegged on his crease, and nabs a classic fast-bowler’s wicket: on a great length, with great bounce, just nibbling away. He grabs Finch’s edge and Hope does the rest. Helter-skelter start here.

2nd over: Australia 15-0 (Warner 2, Finch 6)

It’s Cottrell from the other end; Finch flicks his first ball firmly and uppishly to deep square. It bounces once to the man out there. Incidentally, Michael Clarke is on ICC comms here - he’s speaking at five words a second and is clearly overexcited. Will need Ian Bishop’s voice to calm him (in the way it calms me). Later, Cottrell delivers a waist-high full toss - it’s on Finch quickly but he squeezes it behind backward point for two. The next one’s at Finch’s chest and he rolls his wrists on it easily for one. No short stuff yet! Still looking for swing.

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