Australia v Pakistan: second Twenty20 international – live!

2nd over: Pakistan 14-0 (Babar 12, Fakhar 2) Oh, gorgeous duo from Babar. The first two balls of Richardson’s over, one driven conventionally through the covers, the next forced off the back foot the same way. Richardson shortened his length for the second ball but it went the same way as the first. His third cuts back into Babar and nearly spins back onto the stumps from the thigh pad. No swing tonight. So he bowls the slow bouncer and gets muscled for a couple.

1st over: Pakistan 3-0 (Babar 1, Fakhar 2) Away we go. Mitch Starc has the ball, Babar the strike. And the first is a big full toss, overpitched looking for swing, but so fast that Babar can only block it away. The next is wider, and just as on Sunday, Babar reaches for it and zips it to third man for a run. Fakhar was gone for a golden duck the other day, and nearly doubles up, the ball almost sneaking through onto his pad. He gets a touch on it though, back to the bowler, and Babar has to dive back into the non-striker’s end. Again he’s tied up on his pads, but eventually Starc offers width and Fakhar just steers it square of third man for two, well run for the second.

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