Australia v India: third Test, day three – live!

India embark on day three of the third Test a long way behind Australia but with enough wickets in hand to be confident of making inroads. Join Matt Cleary for our over-by-over coverage of the Boxing Day Test at the MCG.

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44th Over. India 136-2. (Vijay 63 Kohli 20)

Okay - the Rhino, again, and bang, Kohli’s hit him through the covers. He’s loving that cover-drive. And the Rhino’s obliging with a probing line and length, the best kind. Three off.

43rd Over. India 133-2. (Vijay 63 Kohli 17)

Johnson - again, driven beautifully by Kohli through the covers. Johnson looking to entice the drive and bring the slips into play, and Virat’s obliging - and whacking him through the covers.

42nd Over. India 128-2. (Vijay 59 Kohli 16)

Rhino, again. He’s got both of the India wickets to fall. Bustling in, bowling skiddy quick ones on or about off-stump that do a little in the air, you’ll take Test wickets like that. Rhino’s taken 105.

41st Over. India 128-2. (Vijay 59 Kohli 16)

Oh - quick single by the batters, and they’re just home. Vijay tucked it off his hip and Virat called him through, and Joe Burns darted out and got it and threw it back and almost hit the stumps with Kohli just in, replays confirm. Excitement.

40th Over. India 118-2. (Vijay 58 Kohli 7)

Shot - lovely cover-drive by Kohli, middle of the bat, the ball whistles across the billiard table to the cover boundary. Top stuff.

39th Over. India 114-2. (Vijay 58 Kohli 3)

Big MJ - Mitchell Johnson - comes in from the ... whatever end he’s coming in from, and Vijay drives him firmly for three down the ground. He’s on 58, and looks in fair nick.

38th Over. India 108-2. (Vijay 55 Kohli 0)

Well. There you go. The Rhino’s first one is over and our man Pujara is back in the sheds after two balls. Ordinary shot, really, though it was probably close enough to his body to make him play. That might be being kind, he could have left it. Instead he had a little whack at it, got a fat edge, and Haddin took a screamer-baker.

Well! What a catch by Haddin! Pujara on the second ball of the day has wafted outside off-stump and Haddin has made up for his one-handed drop last night with a cracker! Leaping away to his right he’s flown in front of Shane Watson who was leaping to his left, and pocketed one of the catches of this and any other season.

Ha. What a start.

It’s the Rhino first up, he’ll be bowling to our man Pujara.

Jimmy from Dewsbury, up late and into his Tim Tams, no doubt, reckons: “India will not lose a wicket until Tea, then fold like many cards.”

Moments away now, folks, from the first ball, and our first Big Prediction is in. Garry McLeod from the Clan McLeod predicts: “India all out for 245. Australia 2-260 at stumps, David Warner 152 not out.”

And Ravi Ashwin thought 650 was bullish.

Greetings, The People, and welcome to Day Three of this Third Test in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy Series, and we’re up for an interesting day.

India trails by 422 runs with 9 wickets in hand, with Murali Vijay (55) and Cheteshwar Pujara (25) both “in” on a batting surface that looks firm, bone-dry and white like the sands of Jervis Bay, the world’s whitest. Beautiful day. Perfect for batsmanship. Ravi Ashwin reckons India will make 650 and put Australia in, a bullish statement, there should be more of them.

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