Australia v India: third Test, day four – live!

Australia’s second innings is under way after India were dismissed for 465 early on day four at the MCG. Join Scott Heinrich for our over-by-over coverage of the Boxing Day Test.

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Australia v India: third Test, day three - as it happened
Mitchell Johnson comes off second best in Boxing Day bout

5th over: Australia 34-0 (Warner 31, Rogers 3)

More runs for Warner, who punches a straight one from Yadav through midwicket and urges Rogers along for an all-run four. A big chase for Sharma and everyone’s knackered after that.

4th over: Australia 20-0 (Warner 18, Rogers 2)

Shami finds Rogers’s edge, but the ball lands just in front of second slip. That’s better from Shami, a maiden, but Australia are still motoring along at over five runs an over.

3rd over: Australia 20-0 (Warner 18, Rogers 2)

Wowee! Way to hit back! Yadav catches Warner in two minds with a straight one off a good length, finding an inside edge which flies over the top of the stumps and beats the keeper en route to the fence. On another day that’s out.

2nd over: Australia 12-0 (Warner 10, Rogers 2)

Not a particularly good over from Shami, either. S’pose everyone is allowed a loosener, but both batsmen have been given plenty of sighters with balls generally short of a lenghth. When they have been full, they’ve also been wide. Two singles come from a trouble-free over.

1st over: Australia 10-0 (Warner 9, Rogers 1)

So Warner shrugs off injury concerns and joins Rogers to open the batting. I remember when Gordon Greenidge used to bat ‘injured’ ... he’d limp to the middle, stay rooted to the crease and flog everything that came his way. Could that be in store from Warner? Oh, hang on, that’s how he bats anyway.

WICKET! Shami c Smith b Johnson 12 (India 465 all out)

Nice, if a little tentative and lofted, cover drive from Shami earns two more off Johnson. But that’s the end of the penny section, with a flat-footed swipe bringing an edge which Smith snaffles at second slip. That’s three for Johnson and a good effort from Australia to a) Wrap it up early this morning and b) Clean up India with a 65-run lead when, at one stage yesterday, the tourists were 3-409.

128th over: India 463-9 (Shami 10, Sharma 0)

Harris from the other end for Australia. Shami goes the tonk but only gets a single, which worryingly (for India) brings Sharma on strike. Sharma makes Glenn McGrath look like Brian Lara. Surprise of surprises, though, Ishant sees off the rest of the over unscathed. Well, I never.

127th over: India 462-9 (Shami 9, Sharma 0)

Two wickets in a maiden over across two days from Johnson. That’s a fair effort. The end is night for India.

WICKET! Yadav c Haddin b Johnson 0 (India 462-9)

Johnson resumes his over, with new batsman Yadav lasting precisely two deliveries. The one that gets him is a beauty of a short ball which cramps the batsman and finds the edge near the shoulder of the bat. Would’ve removed better batsmen than this number 10.

Welcome to our live blog of day four of a Test which hitherto has been pulsating and absorbing in equal measures. Really, despite the multitudes who (outside Australia and England) no longer attend the matches, who says Test cricket is dead?

You’ll have to traipse far and wide to witness better batting than what we saw from Kohli and Rahane yesterday. It was compelling, entertaining - and refreshing, considering India’s position in the match and series.

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