Australia v India: T20 international cricket tri-series final – live!

19th over: Australia 136-5 (Mooney 62, Haynes 8) Gorgeous from Mooney. She’s got the left-armer Yadav coming around the wicket. Mooney would know that the bowler won’t want to get too leg-side, to avoid the left-handers hitting with the spin to midwicket. So Mooney shuffles across to leg, opening up even more room as the bowler lands on the line of the stumps. Inside out from Mooney, her pet shot, over cover for four.

Haynes comes down the wicket and drives one, just wanting to get Mooney back on strike. Mooney drops to one knee and slog-sweeps, but there’s an outrider behind square leg. One run. Haynes, high backlift, advances but can only drive to long-off. Mooney does the same.

18th over: Australia 127-5 (Mooney 55, Haynes 6) Two lefties together now, with vice-captain Rachael Haynes at the crease. Struggling for runs this summer, both in the Big Bash and the internationals. She gets a gift first up, outside leg stump for her to sweep fine for four. Then pick up two more in the same direction.

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