Australia v India: first one-day international – live!

15th over: Australia 66-2 (Khawaja 20, Marsh 10) Four for Australia, albeit via Dhoni who doesn’t cleanly take a Shami delivery that bounced on the way through to him. Three other singles to the sweepers. Khawaja, at last, into the 20s.

“Replays showed Hawk Eye declaring the ball to be pitching outside leg (the Shami appeal),” notes Vasu Chaurey. Fair enough. “Also, 12.2 and 12.3 were absolutely brilliant to watch (Shami to Marsh).” What a fantastic bowler he has evolved into.

14th over: Australia 59-2 (Khawaja 18, Marsh 9) Khawaja nearly carves Kuldeep back onto his stumps, cutting the wrong’un close to his body; the shot that did Carey in. It’s the third dot ball on the bounce, followed by three singles. I know it’s early, but Australia are already in a world of pain.

Accurate stuff from Kohli's quicks so far. 59% of the deliveries from India's seamers have been on a good length, between 6m and 8m from the batsman's stumps. That's the highest figure India have recorded at this stage of an ODI innings since the 2015 World Cup. #AUSvIND

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