Australia v India: Boxing Day Test, day two – live!

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94th over: India 2-234 (Pujara 76, Kohli 55) The perils of speaking too soon. About comfortable batsmen I mean. Cummins draws another false shot from Kohli who gets an edged single, then rushes through Pujara and hits him on the hip for a leg bye. And to follow beats Kohli with a beauty. Lovely stuff, but it doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t get him out. Kohli is the type who’s happy to weather the storm, however long it lasts. He collects another couple of leg byes to close the over.

“Can you explain to me why the MCG wicket is continually like this?” asks Ruth Purdue. “It feels like every year now.” Mainly because it’s a very old wicket square, and the soil is old and tired. They’re laying a new square after this summer. But I don’t think this pitch is anywhere near as bad as last year. There has been some life for the bowlers.

93rd over: India 2-230 (Pujara 76, Kohli 54) Hello again! Starc gets some swing away from Kohli, who plays an airy drive that ends up missing by a margin. The ball then takes off again, as one did from a fuller length yesterday, and Paine catches it above his head, startled and falling backwards with the take. Starc tries the same again, but a bit closer to the stumps, and Kohli drives. “Shot!” say various people around me, which is obligatory from a spectator when the ball goes through cover, but it wasn’t that good a shot. It made a clunky tinny sound off the bat, mistimed off the outside half, and dribbled away for three without ever threatening the boundary.

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