Australia v England: Women’s Ashes Test match day four – live!

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19th over: England 43-0 (Winfield 12, Beaumont 27)

Perry to open up from the Moreton Fig Tree End. We’re very lucky with our press box position here at North Sydney, just to the right of that peaceful landmark. We also have a balcony, which feels a bit like Buckingham Palace. At least in my head. Perry delivers a massive no-ball second up, overstepping by at least three inches. After her heroics over the last few days, we’ll give her that. She blasted through England on the final day of the Ashes Test in 2015 in similar circumstances to this, claiming nine wickets in that match. Winfield up to the task.

18th over: England 41-0 (Winfield 12, Beaumont 26)

First ball earns a bit of an ooh and an ahh when Jonassen pushes through her quicker one, but Beaumont is down in time. She gets away with the second ball, paddling fine. Expect to see plenty of that from her today if she plays a long hand. Winfield forward in defence for the rest.

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