Atlético Madrid’s Fernando Torres: Champions League final is game of my life

• Torres will face Real Madrid with club he has supported since age of five
• Diego Simeone: ‘I love having 113 years of history on my shoulders’

On the stage at San Siro on Friday, Atlético Madrid’s captain, Gabi Fernández, introduced the man sitting next to him. “Here we have a super-champion who has won it all,” he said, “and yet I’m sure that this is the most important game of his life, too.” To his left, Fernando Torres, world and European champion, agreed. To his right, so did Diego Simeone. “It is the game of my life,” Torres said. It is the game of all their lives. “I love having 113 years of history on my shoulders,” Simeone insisted.

In those 113 years, Atlético have never won the European Cup. Twice they have been seconds away from doing so but twice, 40 years apart in 1974 and 2014, it was taken from them. Torres has won it with Chelsea, scored the wining goal at Euro 2008 that took Spain to their first international trophy in 44 years and left South Africa with the World Cup in 2010, but he said: “Without doubt this is the most important, special and beautiful game in my life.

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