Asmir Begovic: ‘You have a life and – boom – it’s turned upside down’ | Nick Ames

The Bournemouth goalkeeper, who as a child fled war-torn Trebinje, is set for a Premier League milestone against his former club Chelsea on Saturday

The haziest of memories gave way to something starkly vivid when, in 2008, Asmir Begovic returned to Bosnia?Herzegovina for the first time. He had not been back to Trebinje, the town of his birth but a place of which he had next to no recollection, since leaving at the age of four while war ripped apart the country and it took the sad occasion of his grandfather’s funeral for the scale of his family’s loss to make sense.

“I saw where we used to live, saw where the house was basically broken down and collapsed; it just didn’t exist any more,” he says. “Difficult, difficult things to see. But it’s part of my past, part of what made me the person I am today.”

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