Asian Cup daily: Swindon Town bossing tournament

An unlikely influence is being exerted at the tournament in Australia – what happened on day four and what to expect on day five

2 - Shinji #Kagawa is the first player at the @afcasiancup to provide to 2 assists in one game. Creator. #JAPvPAL

I got to swap jerseys with Honda. He was a gentleman and I will be keeping it.

3 - Japan have scored with all three of their shots on target in the first half of their #AC2015 game against Palestine. Ruthless. #JPNvPLE

I know it’s not going to please the purists, but I’m happy to win 7-3, 8-3, if it means we’re winning games of football and we’re attacking. That won’t change, absolutely not while I’m in charge.

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