Arsène Wenger’s decline drains rivalry with José Mourinho of poison | Daniel Taylor

José Mourinho hasn’t really mellowed, it’s just that his old enemy Arsène Wenger, whom he will face when Arsenal host Manchester United on Sunday, no longer seems a threat

Unfortunately for Arsène Wenger, it is not necessarily a good sign that José Mourinho is no longer talking about him with a curled lip and the overwhelming sense that he has made it a personal mission to see how close he can push his old adversary towards the brink of spontaneous combustion.

If it is true, as both managers have said over the last few days, that a truce has been called, it is some turnaround bearing in mind it is not so long ago that the two men could barely bring themselves to make eye contact, never mind extend the courtesy of shaking hands, and Mourinho in particular gave the impression that if he saw Wenger drowning he would chuck him both ends of the rope.

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