Arsène Wenger defiant and focused before FA Cup final against Chelsea

Arsenal manager does not look back, does not keep his medals and despite the incessant clamour he is still giving nothing away about his future

Arsène Wenger has not been forthcoming in his media conferences for some time and the regulars who travel to see him at Arsenal’s training ground in St Albans would say he is particularly guarded before a big game. This week was no exception. But before the FA Cup final against Chelsea on Saturday, the manager brought some extra ingredients – exasperation, defiance and a series of digs; some veiled, others the equivalent of going in two-footed.

Take the one that related to Tony Adams. The club’s former captain has a new book out, which led to one headline about how Wenger “couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag”. Understandably, it went down badly with him.

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