Arsenal’s bionic mosquito Alexis Sánchez steals show from Theo Walcott

The all-action Chile forward was selected in the same side as Walcott for the first time and Hull were run ragged by their pace at the Emirates

Back in the heat of summer, midway through Theo Walcott’s year of recovery from ruptured cruciate ligaments, he posted a photograph of himself and Alexis Sánchez arms around each other with thumbs up and beaming smiles. The accompanying message as he met Arsenal’s Chilean whiz for the first time oozed a combination of excitement and bravado: “Watch out Premier League me and Alexis will be a deadly force! Speed matters.”

Fast forward six months, to a chilly January evening, and fitness permitted Arsène Wenger to field these two speedsters in tandem for the first time. Considering his length of absence Walcott looked reasonably sharp in terms of his movement. But alongside him Sánchez’s zest was simply extraordinary. No matter he has played at a relentless, chasing pace, haring around the pitch like a hyperactive kid that has eaten too many sweets, for almost the entire season.

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