Arsenal fans’ thirst for change remains unquenched after yet another AGM | David Hytner

Entertainment was high on the agenda at the Gunners annual meeting but questions again remained unanswered

The Arsenal AGM had started badly for Sir Chips Keswick. The club chairman was up for re-election to the board and such things are normally routine. In this case Keswick had the support, by proxy, of the largest shareholders – Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov – who, between them, control 97%. In other words, it was a done deal.

The minor inconvenience did not stop the smaller fry in the Woolwich suite at the Emirates from making their point; their protest. Overwhelmingly, the show of hands from the floor opposed Keswick’s appointment. David Miles, the club secretary, was obliged to request a second show and he did so with what amounted to a plea. Guys, this is pointless, he pretty much said. Again the hands shot up in opposition.

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