Are the Saints the best team in the NFL (and are the Giants the worst)?

It once looked like Drew Brees’s career would wind down with a bunch of yards and a heap of 7-9 seasons. But suddenly he has a defense to help him out

So much time has passed since the New Orleans Saints became the best story in the NFL it’s hard to remember their miraculous rise. That came back in the fall of 2006 just a year after Hurricane Katrina tore the roof off their Superdome and filled the city with so much water that many wondered if New Orleans would be the same again. But as the politicians failed and the government failed and the utilities failed, the football team that once broke their fans’ hearts actually came through.

The dreadful Saints, the forever losing Saints, the always-aggravating Saints returned from purgatory in San Antonio. They rode the genius of a brilliant young coach, Sean Payton, and a rejuvenated quarterback, Drew Brees, all the way to the 2006 NFC Championship Game and then they kept building to a Super Bowl win three seasons later. With a fabulous offense and a gambling defense they seemed poised to win more trophies.

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