Are Bury FC dead, or will they return? | Letters

UK financial practice is to blame for the club’s demise, says Steve Lupton; look at what Rangers have done, says Mike Pender; and Andrew Bibby remembers a witty crossword clue

The sad demise of Bury FC is more than a comment on professional football (Report, 30 August). The labyrinthine financial practices at Bury are a symptom of the UK financial system and the morality of business practice. Even if those involved have done nothing illegal, and “everything … has been done properly”, there is something deeply wrong with business practice where debt can be run up so disastrously and profit can be made from it.

Bury’s problems are being repeated in other parts of the economy where businesses are in trouble: retail, manufacturing, media and many others. The only difference is that Bury is a football club. I almost look forward to the first school academy business or privatised medical organisation collapsing.

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