Anthony Ogogo: ‘I’d cut my leg off to box again. One more surgery and I’ll be back’ | Donald McRae

After a bronze medal at London 2012 and a successful start to his professional career the boxer’s life fell apart following a devastating eye injury in 2016 from which he is determined to recover

Anthony Ogogo has been an Olympic bronze medallist, a model and a participant on Strictly Come Dancing. He was a boxer then and, more than ever, he is a fighter now. The 28?year?old middleweight, however, has not stepped into the ring for over a year. Ogogo has been engaged in a far more brutal battle to protect his eyesight and salvage his career.

On 22 October 2016, in his 12th professional fight against Craig Cunningham, Ogogo lost his unbeaten record on an eighth-round stoppage after a blow which fractured his left eye-socket in seven places. The consequences have taken a terrible toll on Ogogo – physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially – but he retains a fierce desire to box on.

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