‘Annoying Celtic was great’: New England Revolution’s Midnight Riders

In our ongoing series on supporters groups, we talk to the Revs’ Midnight Riders about their club’s traditions and why Columbus is just a suburb of Detroit

Supporters group name: Midnight Riders

Team: New England Revolution
When was the group founded: 1995
What’s in the name? It’s a reference to the famous ride by Paul Revere and William Dawes warning residents of the coming British soldiers and leading to the Revolutionary War.
What’s special about this team? We’ve kept together our core from last year and brought back Juan Agudelo. The east runs through New England this season.
What’s unique about your supporters group? We are comprised of members across the six states of New England, and beyond, with members as far away as the Netherlands. We are also a registered non-profit and do a lot of charitable work throughout the year with various local causes.
Popular chants: From The Halls of Foxboro Stadium, Mama Mama, You Know We Love New England, New England (Jonathan Richman song).
Chants or songs specific to your team: All of the ones listed above are specific to our team.
Who are your biggest rivals: You’ll get 10 different answers to this if you ask 10 different people, but to me it’s Chicago Fire, and the Red Bulls.
Favorite (family friendly) chant about a rival: We have plenty about other teams... not many are family friendly though. One that IS family friendly is our anti-Columbus chant to the tune of Yellow Submarine: We all laugh at the Yellow Football team.
Cult heroes: Taylor Twellman, Joe Max Moore, Matt Reis.
Cult villains: Blanco, Dwayne DeRosario, Carlos Ruiz.
Best moment following the team: The trip to Red Bull arena for the playoffs last year where we brought 20 buses of fans (plus some that drove themselves). That was a pain in the ass logistically, but man was it worth it in the end.

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