Andy Murray ready for title defence while Novak Djokovic eyes danger

• Murray has championed tennis in Rio while fellow stars have dropped out
• Djokovic faces 2009 US Open champion Juan Martín del Potro in first round

There are two ways to view the 2016 Olympics: cynically, as witnessed by sluggish ticket sales, civil unrest, a noisily creaking infrastructure and the absence of many of the world’s best athletes, or with a kinder eye, as championed by Andy Murray.

His commitment is palpable. After the draw he said being asked to carry the flag for the Great Britain team in the opening ceremony on Friday was “by far the proudest moment of my professional career” – which should have persuaded cynics that he is here because retaining the gold medal he won in London four years ago matters hugely to him, personally and for the country.

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