Álvaro Morata may need to channel his inner Costa to be Chelsea success | Jonathan Wilson

The £58m forward is clearly hugely gifted but can he inspire Chelsea as effectively as the raging and ruthless Diego Costa did when motivated?

Of the players who scored 10 goals or more in La Liga last season, none did so with a better conversion rate than Álvaro Morata. His 55 shots yielded 15 goals, which is one of the reasons he began the summer ranked alongside Kylian Mbappé, Romelu Lukaku and Andrea Belotti as one of the four most eligible young strikers in Europe. Chelsea, having failed to land Lukaku (or refused to pay over the odds for him, depending whose account you prefer), pretty much had to sign one of the other three to replace Diego Costa, who will almost certainly join Atlético Madrid at some point in the next six weeks.

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