Alizé Cornet showed the most dangerous thing in sport is a woman’s body

The recent incidents over how female players should dress at tournaments, exposes wider issues about how women express themselves

When I was 15, I stepped foot onto a golf course where I had practiced throughout my junior career as I made my way towards the professional tour. It was a hot and humid summer in Oklahoma, so shorts were the only practical choice to wear that day. It wasn’t long before I discovered that not everyone held that opinion. A staff member apologised and said I would have to call my mother to bring me a longer pair of shorts, otherwise I would have to leave.

I quickly put my hands to my side, to show that I met the dress code for the club, where shorts had to be at least fingertip-length. In fact, mine were about an inch longer than that. No matter. My mother wasn’t free to bring me new shorts, so I had to leave.

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