Alexis Sánchez provides Arsenal with belief November slump can be avoided

Arsène Wenger’s side often struggle in year’s 11th month but this team showed they are made of tougher stuff in the 4-1 win at Sunderland

November can be a bit depressing. With the clocks having gone back, dusk starts descending in the afternoon, the mornings get steadily darker too and Christmas dominates the retail agenda to a surely unhealthy extent. If you are Arsène Wenger it is also a worrying time. During a tenure spanning two decades as Arsenal manager, November has consistently proved the cruellest month for the Frenchman.

Statistics crunched from Wenger’s reign show his team average 2.18 points per game in March, 2.14 in September and October and 2.09 in April, but they manage only 1.59 during the 11th month. It is as if they are suddenly afflicted by seasonal affective disorder at the awkward junction between autumn and winter.

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