Alexis Sánchez can handle hostile Spurs reception, says José Mourinho

• Former Arsenal player sure to get a lively welcome at Wembley
• Mourinho says Sánchez arrival will not affect Marcus Rashford

As a former Arsenal player Alexis Sánchez is likely to be booed when he steps out for Manchester United against Tottenham at Wembley on Wednesday evening but José Mourinho is confident his new signing can cope with any rough reception he might receive in England.

“The story has gone round that he is on one of the top salaries in the Premier League so he is going to get a little bit of attention wherever he goes,” the United manager said. “I don’t think he cares, though. I think he’s used to it. I don’t think it is easy for him when Chile play in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay but that is what he has grown up with. He’s an experienced professional. Crowd reaction isn’t going to be a problem for him.”

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