Alex Rodriguez: cheat, liar, egomaniac … and baseball’s savior

A-Rod’s successful comeback is a chance for fans to forget about the failures of the past and focus on what the game has to offer now

Baseball has a savior and his name is Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod has continued – no, accelerated – his remarkable comeback to the majors, hitting .350 with three home runs and nine RBI in the last week alone, while powering the Yankees to a 5-2 record over that span. Observers of this A-Rod renaissance, or A-Rodaissance (feel free to use that one, NY Post!), fall into two camps. On one side, there are those who despise Rodriguez for being a liar and a cheater and an egomaniac (and some other character flaws I’m probably forgetting, they all ran together after a while) and were hoping this season would see him reap his karmic comeuppance. Day after merciless day of failure. Strikeouts. Booing. Taunts. An average in the 100s and Ks in the 200s. This group of people – classification: Haterus Sapiens – are having a very bad April.

He’s an incredible athlete. When you look at him, first looks doesn’t mean anything.

@DJGalloEtc should baseball create a minimum team salary requirement?

i also talk about time travel. is it possible? yes. i have done it.

Every retweet this gets = a thank you to Jackie Robinson. #Jackie42

@sportspickle I don't think @45PedroMartinez saw you. #ninjamoves

This dude is refusing to watch A-Rod's at bats:

Mets pitcher Alex Torres' hat tonight.

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