‘Age is just a number’: Novak Djokovic says he can thrive for years to come | Kevin Mitchell

Sunday’s Wimbledon triumph means Djokovic has 16 majors, just four behind Federer, and overhauling the Swiss is not a subject he is shying away from

Any reasonable analysis of the 2019 Wimbledon men’s singles final – as opposed to the fan letters that drive fringes of the tennis media – would surely conclude that Novak Djokovic will finish his career with more majors than Roger Federer but a bucket less of love.

It must have been difficult for the world No 1 to endure the disrespect of large swaths of the Centre Court crowd on Sunday, emboldened by Pimm’s and their one-eyed adoration for the Swiss, cheering Djokovic’s every mistake, of which there were too many, and occasionally acknowledging his indomitable spirit.

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