After his Champions League final antics, it’s time to introduce the Pepe Rule | Sean Ingle

Outcry over Real Madrid defender’s behaviour in Champions League final might convince the game to pay more than lip service to stopping those who flout rules

During the Champions League final, Gary Lineker posted a simple five-word tweet: “Pepe is such a dick!” It didn’t so much strike a chord as create global symphonic harmony on social media. More than 50,000 retweets and likes later, and following yet more devious behaviour by the Real Madrid defender, Lineker clarified his position. “Pepe is an enormous dick!” That tweet proved to be even more popular. How could it not be given Pepe’s outrageously hammy behaviour?

One scene in particular should earn him a golden raspberry. What appeared to be harmless mano a mano coming together with the Atlético Madrid defender Filipe Luís during the second half ended with Pepe rolling along the turf, howling in apparent agony. It was first year stage school stuff, and referee Mark Clattenburg wasn’t having any of it.

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