Africa is coming: how MTN-Qhubeka can blaze a trail at the Tour

MTN-Qhubeka have blended pragmatism and idealism in assembling the first properly African Tour de France team
MTN-Qhubeka to be first African team in Tour de France

Even signed-up cycling nuts might have missed the announcement this week of the wild-card teams for this summer’s Tour de France. There has been a lot going on recently, not least Bradley Wiggins revealing that he was reforming the Jam under the stealth front of the Team Wiggins racing squad, and the ongoing roll-out – technically the rolled-oats-out – of Team Sky-branded porridge pots. A steal at £1.50 for one serving of “high-protein” gruel.

Anyway, those wild cards. These exist ostensibly so that a) French riders can dominate the Tour de France, at least numerically, and b) there can be no legal impediment for Europcar’s Tommy Voeckler showing the world his sex face for three weeks each July. But this year there was some genuine news. One of the five teams anointed was MTN-Qhubeka, the first properly African team to compete in the world’s most prestigious cycling race.

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