Africa Cup of Nations: talking points from corrupt dictators to Doncaster

Equatorial Guinea stood in late to host the tournament but basic facilities like water and electricity are in short supply and Nigeria, the champions, are not there to defend their title

Having co-hosted the 2012 competition with Gabon, Equatorial Guinea stepped in this time when Morocco cried off staging the 2015 event due to the Ebola threat – a decision that has raised a few eyebrows. Off the pitch the country’s president, Teodoro Obiang, who seized power in a bloody coup in 1979, has a chequered history but, even for sporting reasons, the choice was a surprise given they were disqualified having fielded an ineligible player in their qualification victory over Mauritania. Hosting the tournament handed Equatorial Guinea a route back in but they have been so poor that Andoni Goikoetxea was sacked as coach three weeks ago and replaced by Esteban Becker Churukian.

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