AFL and Richmond must face sport’s problem with male entitlement | Kate O’Halloran

The response to the topless photo scandal should be swift and decisive – and shift the blame from victim to toxic culture

The AFL and the Richmond football club have a big problem. In light of the news that the woman at the centre of the topless photo scandal has asked police to cease investigation into the case, they must act, and must do so swiftly and decisively.

Although we do not know why the investigation was dropped, it is clear that the privacy of the woman in question was at the forefront of her lawyers’ minds. A photo of the woman wearing a 2017 Richmond premiership medal was allegedly circulated among players and on social media. In a statement on Wednesday, Maurice Blackburn emphasised a desire to work towards “restoring her privacy”. No doubt, they would have been aware that as the case progressed – particularly if the player in question was named – so would the scrutiny on their client, in all likelihood in the form of public backlash.

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