Adam Peaty accepts life is going to be very different as Rio 2016 hero | Andy Bull

Besieged by questions about his private life, Britain’s first gold medallist of Olympics 2016 realises things will change but he does not yet know how

Adam! Who’s got the dog while you’re away? Are you planning a holiday? Will you take your mum and dad? Was this the best night you’ve ever had? Adam Peaty had an idea that life was about to be very different. “It is going to change a bit,” he said in one of the many press conferences he gave after he had won his 100 metres breaststroke gold medal. But he did not know exactly how.

As the media closed in around him, eager to learn every last detail about his life, he must have been beginning to get an inkling. Who is your girlfriend and what does she do? How does this all feel for you? Did you always know you could beat the rest? And by the way, how big is your chest? When Peaty was done, his mum, dad and girlfriend took a turn. Does he know how to cook? Who’s his best friend? What does he eat? How much does he spend?

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